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25 June 2012 @ 01:10 am
I bought a new laptop. 

It was my birthday present to myself. It is also the reason I'm going to be budgeting tightly for the next few months (well, and a trip later this year). 

I'm hoping it will help my writing habits and general internet interaction frequency. Now, I said the same thing about the tablet I bought last October, and we all saw how that worked.  (To be fair, it did help with my RL twitter, but 160 characters isn't the same.) The tablet was more of a media consumption device, and less a creative one. It was impossible to write anything from start to posting on it. 

The laptop I bought myself is almost a more recent and souped up version of my old one. By more recent I mean 6+ years ahead and  3 or 4 OS too. There's a deal of new things to get used to and figure out. 

But first thing is first. I need my writing files and music. 

And sleep.